Types of Shingles

What Shingles Can a Roofing Company Install for You?

In our modern age, there are many different types of shingles one can choose from for their roof. There is a great variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Each type has its own unique properties and features, so you must be careful when deciding on which one to use for your roof. In today’s article, we will familiarize you with some of the common types of shingles a roofing company usually operates with.

Roofing ContractorAsphalt Shingles

Those are probably the most common type of shingles of them all. You can find them pretty much everywhere, and they are relatively easy to install. However, repair and maitnenance can be a bit tough. Those classic shingles can last from 25 to around 30 years on average. If you are into a more classic look for your roof, this is the type of shingles you should go with.

Wooden Shingles

The most suitable wood for a shingle is cedar. However, you can find shingles made of spruce and treated pine on the market, too. Wood has one disadvantage – it can shrink or warp as it is exposed to weather conditions. If this occurs, make sure to call a reputable roofing service. Wooden shingles last for about 30 years on average.

Stone Shingles

Naturally, stone shingles are the heaviest shingles of them all. They are really hard to work with, and if you are not careful, they can be easily broken. However, they are the most durable type of shingles of them all – they can last for over a hundred years.

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