Budgeting Your Roofing Project

Roofing Contractor Explains the Factors Determining the Cost of a New Roof

Hundreds of families replace their roofing systems annually in the United States. Setting a budget is a smart thing to do, but it should be a realistic one and based on real figures. Even though hiring a reliable roofing contractor is the right approach, knowing more about the factors determining its final price won’t hurt:

  • The size of your roof. Of course, this the main factor. A team of specialists will arrive and measure the square footage of your roofing area and then divide the number by 100. That way, they will receive what is called a roofing square.

  • The type of your house roof. Flat or sloped, the type of your current roof matters a lot. As you can imagine, flat systems are easier to install and thus, such a project will be cheaper. Sloped roofs typically require more manpower and specific labor. In general, they are much more difficult to install, for such a type, you will have to pay more.

  • The type of the roofing material. Nowadays, you can come across many roofing materials. But which one is suitable for your home and climate? Different materials come at different prices. You should take into account their various designs, colors, weight, and durability that will also affect the final cost of your project.

  • Roof’s access. The access to your system matters too. Difficult access means more effort, additional equipment, and more roofers available. Therefore, the entire job will be harder as a whole.

  • Additional factors. The number of the layers installed is an additional factor you should consider. If you live in an area with a humid climate, a scrupulous roofing contractor will probably suggest installation of additional water-resistant coatings. Do you need some finishing elements that will give your home the absolute accomplished look?

If you choose M.A.V. Roofing LLC for your next roofing, you will definitely not be sorry. The big number of our happy clients is the true testament to the affordable quality we offer. We are located in Tucson, AZ and would be glad to talk to you at (520) 207-5871.

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